CIDC 2020 Africa
Clarion International Developer Conference 2020 Africa

Two days of training are planned for the two days of the conference.
  • Training will be streamed live and recorded.
  • All Training attendees (online or onsite) will have access to the recordings after the event
  • Morning and Afternoon refreshments and Lunch are included.

Andy Wilton - Noyantis

Host of the weekly Noyantis User Group Webinar on ClarionLive, Andy is no stranger to the Clarion community. Introduced to Clarion in the DOS era he has developed a wealth of experience in numerous different fields. Since forming Noyantis in 2008 he has been creating easy-to-use, intuitive and modern software. Noyantis has specialised in the wrapping of OCX controls, first with Codejock, and more recently with Chilikat controls, as well as several others.

When not helping Clarion programmers make their lives easier, Andy is a fan of Everton FC and the McLaren Forumla 1 team, a combination guarenteed to make you look forward to Mondays.

Bruce Johnson - CapeSoft

Bruce has been working with Clarion since 1992, and has been a fixture on the global conference and training circuit since 1997. A regular host on the weekly ClarionLive webinars, Bruce also hosts a weekly NetTalk User Group webinar. He and his team at CapeSoft have authored over 50 Clarion Accessories including the collossus that is NetTalk, which will be the focus at this year's training.

When not in front of a computer Bruce likes to play a spot of golf, where our sources claim he names his ball right before hitting it. Alas, from the results, it would seem his balls are not as well trained as their namesakes.

Mike Hanson - Boxsoft

Mike is nothing less than a Clarion institution. He wrote the very first Clarion Accessory before they were even called accessories. He has been involved in the Clarion community forever as a regular author of both code and articles, a presenter at every conference known to man, and a perpetual host-in-training for ClarionLive.

Inbetween studying for his ClarionLive Host Exam, Mike likes to play piano and has recently embarked on a bobble-head-modeling career.

Dave Harms - ClarionMag

Like Mike, Dave does not measure experience in years, but in decades. Dave founded ClarionMag in 1999, and acted as editor of that online magazine up to 2017. He has authored, or edited five Clarion books, including the seminal "Clarion Databases and SQL" and four volumes of "Clarion Tips and Techniques". It's safe to say that Dave has Read, Written or Edited more articles on Clarion than anyone else.

Day 1

8:30 to 12:00 -- Bruce Johnson - Writing Web Server applications with NetTalk

A return to basics, this training session explores web applications and how to build them with Clarion and NetTalk.
While the NetTalk templates are feature-rich, they can be intimidating to new users. This training session will provide the introduction from which you can start building your own applications.

1:30 to 3:00 -- Andy Wilton - Using the Codejock Calendar Control

Providing a modern, clean, calendar to diplay data is a key part of any application. In this session Andy will show how to use the Noyantis template, and Codejock control, to add important functionality to your program.

3:30 to 5:00 -- Mike Hanson - List, Queue, Browse, Drop, Combo - how to they work together?

Mike investigates one of the most misunderstood parts of Clarion and lays bare how all these pieces fit together. This is an are we all use everyday, and some of these parts are unique to Clarion, yet their interaction is not always well understood. Mike will lift the veil.

Day 2

8:30 to 12:00 -- Andy Wilton - Integrating with Accounting API's (Sage, Quickbooks, Xero et al)

Sooner or later your application will need to export to an accouonting package. With modern, cloud based accounting becoming the norm it's important to know how to talk to these services. In this session Andy uses the Chilkat tools, and Noyantis magic, to make it easier than ever.

1:30 to 3:00 -- Bruce Johnson - An Introduction to ABC

As you probably know the ABC Classes are based on Object Orientated (OOP) concepts. Understanding these concepts, and understanding how ABC uses them is critical to embedding the right code in the right place.

3:30 to 5:00 -- Dave Harms - Writing your own Classes

Writing your own classes is not hard, and has many benefits. Despite this most developers never write a single one. Dave shows both Why and How to make your own classes, in simple step-by-step processes.

All times and subjects are provisional and are subject to change.